Monday, 10 November 2014

Taking things further.

Today, was the appointment at guys for my results for the GFR test I had a few weeks ago. I had to use my wheelchair again as I feel so weak and drained. My weight is stable and I had another dose of iron.
I see my kidney doctor - Refik Gokmen, and he said results show that the levels of the blood results shown by the GFR are a lot worse than what he had originally predicted and what the other blood tests show. I thought that would of been the case anyway but this just proved that right. He also said that this means transplant should be done sooner rather than later,  talking about 2-3 months time. My mother in law Jackie who is having tests to be my live donor is at Canterbury for those, Refik said he will get in contact with them to hurry things along. No need for dialysis as he would rather go straight to transplant as that makes things a lot easier and better in the long run.
He also mentioned having a pancreas transplant too, along with the kidney, but this would mean having a kidney and pancreas from a deceased donor so then I would have to wait longer and plus the kidney wouldn't be as good as a live donor. I wasn't so keen on this as why fix something that isn't broken also if I have a better chance with a live donor then I would rather do that - makes a lot better sense to me that way.
Refik also said he thinks I should see my physiatrist Mike again as I am feeling really down. I feel really anxious all the time but I have no idea why and I feel guilty about not being well even though I know I cant help it. Just have mad thoughts going through my head right now just probably make it easier to talk through some things with him to take a load off me I suppose.
I am hoping I get my transplant before my birthday in April now at least, so I can be healthy enough to enjoy it properly this year. I am looking forward to not being so bloody tired all the time and I am looking forward to holidays and finally finding a job! Thinking positive is key - I can do this!

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