Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday night ramblings!

Well, its Friday night and just about everyone I know is out on the piss, even Harry! - except me obviously! I'm actually curled up in bed with the laptop, can't get much more exciting than that ;)
The past couple days have been quite nice actually. Yesterday I managed to get out for a bit, only up to Bexleyheath and even though I was in my wheelchair, I felt like I had accomplished something! First time I've been out in ages besides hospital visits. Had a good nose round the shops and got some hair bits in boots. Today my cousin and his girlfriend and their beautiful baby Paige came over for dinner :) which was lovely, always love seeing the baby.
Monday is getting nearer for my hospital apt regarding my results. Besides that, not sure what the rest of the week holds for me, apart from Friday its Harrys treat, we are travelling to Aldershot and staying in a premier inn for the night, for the next morning its his supercar experience! I have his birthday present arranged for the 24th but can't say too much yet - He is gonna love it!!
I love giving people I love presents, I get enjoyment out of it, always on my family's birthdays and Christmas I cant help but go mad - even on my little pup. God knows what ill be like when I have kids, they will be so spoilt, but I think kids deserve to be spoilt! Not in a brat way but in a good loving way!
Sisters at a party and is due back about 1ish, hoping she isn't drunk as she is sleeping in my room tonight. Don't get me wrong she is a funny drunk but not when I'm sleepy. Sleepy Marie and drunk Millie is NOT a fun mix!! I had a really shitty sleep last night, so I am hoping tonight is a lot better, I hate waking up during the night and thinking time has gone a lot more than it has.
Night night xx 

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